Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goals ...

So I am one of "those people" that likes to see my accomplishments written out. There is something that makes me happy about checking things off as I get them done and then looking back and seeing everything I have done. Dumb? Maybe, but I don't care! Ha!

So here are my weight loss goals set out along with rewards - I also love incentives =)

Goal #1 - Lose 20 lbs by Christmas
Reward: New Outfit
Love the color of this dress, very cute for Christmas! Maybe with some black tights so I don't freeze my ass off =)

Goal #2 - Lose 30 lbs by Valentines Day
Reward: Manicure
LOVE getting my nails done! My husband is also a big fan of the french manicure - so we both win =)

Goal #3 - Lose 40 lbs by Easter
Reward: Get my first ever body massage!!
Never done this, creeps me out to have other people touchin' me, but what he hell, you only live once right!?
Goal #4 - Lose 50 lbs by Memorial Day
Reward: Get my hair did, with highlights!!
Thinking of red highlights instead of blonde... would look good with my olive skin tone =)
Goal #6 - Lose 60 lbs and reach my "Goal Weight" of 135 by my 31st Bday (June 27th, 2013)
No more mom jeans for this MILF!! =)

So there you have it - can't wait to cross these off as I accomplish them =)


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