Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Practice What You Preach...

I am almost half way through This Is Why You're Fat and I am getting very excited about cleaning up my eating! There are tons of meal ideas in the book and they all look like things I would enjoy.

I was thinking about how I am wanting to change my eating habits and make healthier choices and I know that I need to "practice what I preach" when it comes to my boys food choices as well. Unfortunately up until this point I have just given them what makes them happy and the things I grew up eating. Some of their favorite foods are chips, anything sweet, french fries, chicken nuggets, candy ... and the ugly list goes on. On the other hand both of my boys love fruit and most vegetables and will usually try something at least once before refusing to eat it.

Last night I had them both try edamame and they loved it!!

I plan on introducing them to as many healthy food choices as I can and drastically reduces the junk that they have grown to love. It's not too late, they are still young and if something is not good enough for me to eat then I shouldn't be giving it to my children either. Now my husband is a completely different story - ha! That man lives on junk and I don't know if he will ever stop. But I will try my best to get him eating healthier as well!

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