Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teeth Suck - New Motiviation

I am still here ... not much to blog about these days though.  I had to have a minor dental surgery on Monday and my mouth isn't happy right now. I broke a tooth that had a root canal and in order to save the tooth I had to have what was called a crown lengthening done. Basically they cut your gums around the tooth and chip away bone to expose more of the tooth so the dentist has more tooth to attach the crown to. Then they stitch you up and put a nasty putty substance over it as the "bandage". I hate it! I want this crap out of my mouth asap! .... so I've been a little crabby the last few days. I hate teeth, I just have bad teeth in general, not appearance wise because I am lucky to have straight teeth without needing braces but as far as cavities and things like that go - I have he worst teeth. I have had 5 root canals. My husband hasn't even had a filling before - I curse people with naturally good teeth.

So anyways, one of the "restrictions" after this little surgery was no exercise for 5 - 7 days... grrr! I want to do Turbo Fire so badly but they said especially no extra cardio that isn't needed. So not being able to exercise is just adding to my crabbiness!

Onto my new motivation ... My little brother is going to by the Insanity dvd's and we are going to have a little "challenge". He will do Insanity and I will do TurboFire and we will see who gets the best results. I also plan on stealing his dvd's when I am done with TurboFire ... ha ha ... anyways we are going to be cheerleaders for each other and make sure we are both staying on track and doing what we are supposed to do. My brother does not need to lose weight at all but he wants to gain some muscle and just overall get into shape and be healthy. He is one of those annoying people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight - so not fair! But he realizes that being skinny doesn't make you healthy so he has decided to clean up his diet and start working out. So we are going to do this together =)

I have also decided to join Roni in her Wednesday Weigh Ins -  I didn't take a pic today but I did weigh and it was 192.8 .... So every Wednesday I will take a pic of the scale, like she does. Accountability of some sort is always a good thing =)

So there you have it - excited about new things coming up and hopefully more blogging along with them.

Oh and my baby starts Kindergarten next Wednesday - I can't even say it without tearing up, why do they have to grow up!! =(

And what is a post without some pictures - here is a new snack I have been enjoying lately. Looks funny but it works! I put a tablespoon of peanut butter in a baggy before I leave the house and bring a banana. I cut a small hole in the corner of the baggy and I squirt a little bit of pb on each bite of banana - so easy and so good!


  1. What a great idea for the peanut butter!!! One of my favorite snacks, but hard to transport. I am totally gonna do this once school starts. My youngest is starting Kinder in September. Maybe we can start a support group????

  2. Love the peanut butter in the baggie trick! One of my favorites is peanut butter on my apple so I'll have to try it this way.


  3. Teeth do suck! I have terrible ones myself and was told at my last appt to start saving my money because I was going to need several crowns!
    good luck with the challenge with your brother. For sure let me know which workout you like better.
    My oldest starts 2nd grade and my 2nd starts kinder this week but at least I still have my baby(who turns two in three weeks) home with me!