Monday, October 29, 2012

Fatty Weekend Recap!

My house is not a safe place for someone who is trying to lose weight, at the moment! Sugar, sugar, every where!

It all started Friday night with a Trunk-Or-Treat - no pics sorry, took them with my regular camera which is at home at the moment. I will have pics of the boys on Wednesday though, when they go out for the "real deal" =) ... Layton is Mario and Evan is Buzz Light Year ... So we have a bucket of candy from that sitting on the fridge.

Saturday it was friggin cold - we actually turned the heat on!! I just remember when I was little we never turned the heat on before Thanksgiving, so any time I do now, I feel guilty! ha! Oh well, times change, right?

I had my first cup of hot chocolate - yum!!

Saturday we got up and went to the the Apple Butter Festival. It was our first time going and it was crowded! It was pretty neat though. A lot of local vendors set up and selling stuff. Lots of crafts and junk food!
It was a good time and those were the only 2 pictures I got because I was too busy looking at all the cool stuff =).
Sunday we woke up and the husband decided to make "semi-homemade" donuts =) ... using a can of buttermilk biscuits. The boys were happy to help!
They turned out pretty good:
The boys were also happy to help eat them =) We went a little overboard on the sugar, but know better for next time!!

Just a little messy!!!

Then I made this yumminess for my dad, for his bday =)

New York Style Cheesecake!!
So as you can see, lots of tempting goodies around the house this weekend. But also a lot of fun memories and good family time =)

Looking forward to Halloween this week, the boys are both really excited. Halloween is also my dad's birthday and we will be celebrating on Thursday. Lots of family time this week - love it!

Hope your weekend was a "sweet" as mine =)


  1. Ummm can I come stay at your house? I want ALL that food. I didn't go to Kimmswick this year - womp, womp, womp. Did you get kettle corn? I HAVE to go back next year for sure. Glad you had a great weekend.

    1. I didn't get kettle corn... I think I am the only the person in the world that does not like it - like not at all. I like my popcorn salty! lol.

  2. Your hot chocolate looks delicious! I haven't had any yet this fall, but you're tempting me with that pic! :) I live in Illinois and we turned the heat on a long time ago, if that makes you feel any better. lol

    1. Love me some hot chocolate! You know we were poor back in the day so heat wasn't even an option, but my mom would boil water on the stove for heat until we turned the actual heat on ... I did this once and my husband told me it was the dumbest thing he ever saw, so I never did it again. LOL!

  3. Those boys certainly loved the donuts, how cute!

    I can't believe you MADE that cheesecake. :O

    1. I can't believe I didn't screw it up!! Ha ha! It was my husband's grandmother's recipe and her's was always so good, so I was scare of mine not being as good, but it came out perfect!! And it really is easy to make =)

  4. I've never heard of the apple butter fair before! I'm definitely going to have to go!!! My weekend was nothing but crap food either..but it was sooo good!!