Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween - Leading by Example

Happy Halloween to everyone. I will have pics of my crazy boys tomorrow, dressed in their cute costumes and all hopped up on candy!! =) Good times!
Today I want to talk about being in the weight loss journey and if you feel like you are somewhat of a "leader" when it comes to the mission of getting healthy when it comes to your family and friends.  I have this strong burden lately that if I could just get myself together and start taking care of myself maybe it would impact the people in my family. My husband is one that I would love to help, but also my parents. All of us are so out of shape, overweight and struggling day to day with just pure exhaustion and unhappiness. I know that this fight has to be their own but I also think that seeing someone close to them succeed would be a great motivator. Especially in my own home where I do most of the cooking and buying of food. I know you can't force someone to do something they do not want to do, so I'm not going to try to change them by any means.

My husband has made comments to me on several occasions that he would like to start eating healthier and that he would really like to lose weight. We have both gained about 60 lbs since we first started dating. I know we would be so much happier if we knew we were making healthier choices and if we lost the extra weight. We are both always so tired and have no motivation to do anything, often ending up on the couch after dinner each night. We both want to be active for our boys and teach them to be healthy as well.

I really wish we could do this together but my husband is a little more stubborn when it comes to "dieting" than I am. He wants to lose the weight but he doesn't want to give up the foods he loves, aka the foods that are BAD for him! I don't think I have ever seen my husband exercise either. I love him to death and would love him no matter what his weight is. I just know what he is feeling when none of his clothes fit and he gets pissed off. When he is exhausted after doing nothing. When he feels like shit after eating a ridiculous amount of crappy foods. When he looks in the mirror and doesn't like what he sees.

Have you ever inspired someone close to you to lose weight and to finally take care of themselves? I am fighting this fight for myself but also for the ones I love!

If you are on a weight loss journey yourself and you don't already read MaMa Laughlin, go check out her post today - it spoke volumes to me. It really is worth all the HARD work! 


  1. I think you hit it exactly right - people have to have that moment where it *clicks* and they want to really do it for themselves.

    BUT, I do feel that if you continue on your healthy journey, they will follow along. I think just your lead by example makes a huge difference.

    My running/fitness background is non-existent. I mean, really, absolutely nothing.
    And, since I've gotten into it, since I've ran the 1/2 marathons now, my DAD of all people got really inspired just watching me. For him to see that I did something like that(which is so "out of character" for me) has inspired him to get fit and active. I have never once mentioned for him to do anything or walk/run at all!

    So, stay and do what you're doing for yourself, and the rest will follow. :)

  2. I agree, you are doing exactly what you need to. My husband has no desire to eat healthy or exercise more than the labor at his job. But I refuse to buy the junk and have it in the house. He gets one bag of chips (maybe 2 if they're on sale) a week, and they are always a kind that I'm not fond of. That way I'm not tempted. The rest of the time if he wants it, he gets it when I'm not around.

    When I told him I'm only 4lbs away from his weight he did mention he might need to start working out then. So maybe some day we can share this journey, but right now, it's my own.

    Maybe try starting with some family game after dinner and then move it to a game that has some activity in it.

    Brandi (formerly