Thursday, October 4, 2012

Waiting Sucks!

I still haven't heard about the job status ... and it is Driving. Me. Crazy.  I can't handle it any more, for real. I just want to know yay or nay! (how the hell do you spell that?) Anyway, it has been a week since my 2nd interview. I don't want to nag them but I want to email the lady and be like - Hey what's the deal?? ... but I will refrain because I do really want this job. I just wish they would give me some kind of heads up, like you suck we don't want you, or we haven't decided yet but we will know by ...  something people, something! You're killing me Smalls, You're killing me!

So on that note - here is some wonderful randomness that has been going on with me.

I took the pants and I am gonna use those things as some serious motivation. There are about 12 pairs total and they are size 10's and 12's ... I can get the 12's on but I can't zip them up. Every time I go to eat something, I ask myself, is this going to help me get into those pants? If the answer is no, I don't eat it! Plain and simple. Whatever works, right?
The stack on the left are the 10's, stack on the right are 12's.

I tried a new yogurt - I really enjoy the Light and Fit regular strawberry yogurt so when I saw that they had a greek yogurt for only 80 calories, I had to try it. Result - not so good! I don't like it, it has a funny after taste and I have tried almost every greek yogurt under the sun and it just does not compare at all... won't be getting this again - it's too bad because the 80 calories for greek yogurt would have been nice!

I am loving the fall weather and colors, it is my favorite time of the year. Especially lovin' the fall nail colors =)
Sinful - Muse

The cooler weather has me cravin' some soup so I made a batch of Gina's Stuffed Pepper Soup, I brought it for lunch today. I haven't tried it yet but it smells amazeballs!

This is her pic but mine looks very similar =)

Well that's all for now ... here's to hoping I get a phone call today saying - You're freakin' awesome, come and work with us!!! =)

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  1. Hope you heard something good! I have not tried that soup but I love skinnytaste and have tried (and enjoyed) many of her recipes. I'm going to give this one a try soon. TFS because I had missed this one!