Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blogging From The Dead ....

If you haven't noticed, which you might not have, I have been MIA the past couple of days. I feel like death is just around the corner. I have some kind of virus that is literally kicking my ass! It all started on Monday, went to the doc yesterday, said it is not the flu but a nasty virus and I just had to let it run it's course - awesome! Was hoping for some amazing drug that could make me healthy and lose those last 70 pesky pounds but we can't have it all, right? So she gave some high dose ibuprofen for the muscle aches and wished me good luck - so glad I pay her the big bucks to tell me there is nothing she can do!

Anyways, so I haven't gone to work all week, I am going to try to drag my ass there tomorrow so I don't use all my sick days up in January!!! Not sure if that will work though because now my lil' man Evan has a fever and is hacking like an 80 year old whose smoked a pack a day since he was 15 ... FML!! That is all I have to say.

So anyways, Monday was my first official weigh in ... If you remember in THIS POST I showed you my ridiculously embarrassing starting weight.

Here is what I weighed in Monday at:

Never thought I would be happy to see this number ... BUT ... never again, only down from here baby!!!
So goodbye 200 bitches and I will NEVER be seeing you again - like ever! 6 lbs in one week! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! I will take that and I will wrap it up and put in my pocket and save it for a rainy day! KAH! 

So another amazeballs (oh yeah I just said that word) thing that happened ... in THIS POST I talked about going on an interview, well 2, one was amazing and one was horrible. I got a letter from the horrible one saying thanks but no thanks and I honestly wouldn't have taken it even if they offered, it was ridic! But NUMBAH 2 aka the amazing one finally gave me a 2nd call back this week and want me to come in and meet The Boss!! Holla!! I cannot wait. It is next week, Thank God, don't want to be spreading "The Funk" to my possible future co-workers =)  ... I am beyond excited about this and just keep your fingers crossed, say a few prayers, rub a bald head - whatever it is you do for good luck - do it for me please!! 

Ok, so I am going to drink my weight in Nyquil and sleep this shit off! I am missin' work, missin' bloggin' 

Hope you are all happy and healthy!!! 


  1. ONEDERLAND!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!
    Hope you're feeling better. Cuz, ain't nobody got time fo dat. Fo real.
    Good luck on your meeting with your hopefully future boss!

  2. CONGRATS on getting under 200!! That's super exciting :)

    Love the meme--Jerry and I are always saying that to each other now... "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"