Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday!!! Holla!!

Finally! This was one long ass week! Probably because it was the first full week in FOREVAH!

So tonight the Husband and I are going out with another couple. We are old and lame and couldn't come up with anything to do so we are doing dinner and bowling. Can't get too wild - the Husband grandmother is watching the kids so we had to keep it low key.

I have to say I am a little nervous. We are going to an Italian restaurant to eat and I do NOT want to blow my calories for the day. I have looked at the menu and I think I have settled on a grilled chicken salad - no cheese - dressing on the side. That can't be too bad, can it?? It's either that or the salmon. Everything is else is buckets of pasta drenched in butter sauces and my ass doesn't need any more butter added to it if you know what I'm sayin'!!

The rest of the weekend will be spent painting our bedroom. Nothing fun like Megan's house. Just same plain colors and new trim.  Other than that we have a clear schedule which is nice because for the next 4 weeks my weekends are BOOKED!

To end this post I am just gonna do a lil' photo dump because I have nothing else better to talk about enjoy!

I posted this pic this week for Throw Back Thursday on Instagram (my IG name is MommaHollis by the way ). It was my college graduation in 2001 (I only did an 8 month course, easy peasy, biggest regret of my life!!)
Saw this while out last weekend - just thought it was kind of odd =)
This is my idea of heaven!
The husband counting out cheerios for a project Layton had to do for his 100th day of school. Posted on facebook with the comment "Teaching the husband to count, he gets really excited when I let him eat them when he's finished" ... I'm sure my "payback" will be a lot worse, he doesn't play fair! =)
My Lil' Stud Muffins on Christmas Eve - Future heart breakers for sure!!
Well that's all I have for now - enjoy your weekend!! My first weigh-in on Monday! Wish me luck!! =)


  1. I followed you on Instagram just a few min's ago. Hope you have a fun night out. Keep that salad dressing on the side and dip into it instead of pouring it on; you won't believe how little dressing you can get by with! :)
    LOL at your hubby counting cheerioes. ;)

    1. errr... I mean, you won't believe how little dressing you will be SATISFIED with! ;)

  2. oh the suuuuuushi! so, so good!
    I think you've got the right idea for going out to dinner. Just make sure you absolutely enjoy it too!