Friday, February 1, 2013

Guess What?? ... It's Friday!!!

TGIF!!! This could quite possibly go down in history as the longest week ever. But it's Frriiiiidayyyy!! *Happy dance taking place right here* 
It's also FebuFreakinAry and that means January is OVAHHHHHHHH!! and so is my bad luck damnit! Time to get back to reality and back to kickin some weight loss ass! =)  I ended up with the stomach bug my son had earlier in the week and was down for 2 days - wanna know the best part about that nastiness?? Losing 6 lbs over night! ha! I know that won't stick but damn it was good to see that low of a number.
Anywho - I will be back to regular Mon Morning Weigh Ins next week. I have also decided to restart the C25K - I did it a while back and was just up to running 3 miles without stopping when I stopped doing it - bah! What a dumb dumb ... So anyways, I know I can do it so I'm starting back up. I really enjoyed running and it really helped me lose the weight. I also want to look for a good starter 5K in my area to sign up for - I know the GO Run is coming up but that looks a little too crazy for my first ever 5K - so if any of my STL girls are reading and know of any semi-mild 5K's coming up - hook a sista up!!
Alright, I'm outta here - can't wait to get my relaxing weekend on and deep cleaning my casa cuz that thing is disease infected fo sho!
Have a great weekend =)
Happy that in about 20 mins I will no longer be sitting in this seat!!

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  1. Have a great weekend!
    this has been a long week for a lot of people, it seems.
    I love the feeling of a fresh new start - here's to a great month!