Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Story Link Up


Linking up with Erin over at Homemade Happenings for her Love Story Link Up. 

I will tell y'all about how I met my crazy husband =)  ... Well I wouldn't admit this for years, why I do not know, it's just how things are these days but I met my husband online. One night my older brother and I were bored and we were going to different chat rooms seeing what kind of "weirdos" we could find, ha ha ... So my husbands "screenname" at the time was FatDaddyDaClown - so of course we had to see what this guy was all about. I talked to him for a few minutes and asked him to send me a pic - when he did, I recognized him, we had gone to high school together but never talked or anything like that. He only went there for a year or two. So I kind of knew him ;)

Anyways, we talked for probably a month or more and finally went on our first date. I was one of the lucky ones and he wasn't a creeper waiting to take me to his basement, have his way with me and then make lamp shades out of my skin! We went to dinner and a movie - WORST first date option ever ... don't go to a movie! We went and saw Pearl Harbor - the loooooongest movie ever - almost 3 hours of just sitting and no talking, dumb move on our part.

Anyways - after that night we were pretty much inseperable - we moved in together after dating for just 3 months (much to my parents disapproval)  and have never been apart since My dad actually told me not to move in with him and told me "Why buy the cow when the milk is free" - I hate that saying!  (and he bought the damn cow so all is well, dad!) We lived together for 4 years, then got married and had 2 beautiful baby boys!! We don't have everything together, but together we have it all!! =)

Ok, so enough with all that sappy stuff!! I just signed up for my first "color run" ... can't wait!! Going to be so much fun!!

bahahaha ... talk about debbie downer!!


  1. Great story!!! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up! The lampshade bit made me laugh!

  2. I guess that screenname was one way to get attention! What a funny story and your dad's comment made me laugh. Oh, and yay for your first color run!

  3. What a cute story!! I met my first husband online and found out we went to the same high school but didn't know each other.

    I did the Graffiti run here in Phoenix, AZ a few months ago and had a blast. I'm gearing up for 2 mud runs and a neon run here in the next month or so. Have fun!!

  4. Aw, I loved reading your love story! You're going to love the Color Run. So much fun!