Monday, February 11, 2013

My Little Pitbull!

First off remember this post when I challenged myself to lose 5 lbs in a week - yeah, that's not gonna happen. I will be lucky to break even after this weekend. Y'all told me I was crazy and you were right! =)  ... Oh well, it was a mostly fun weekend and I have no regrets.

The birthday gathering for my youngest was a success .. I have pictures but they are at home on my camera - one of these days I will get this blogging thing down and remember important things like bringing the camera to work on Mondays so my blog can have the appropriate pictures! =)

So my youngest just turned 3 last week - this boy has a temper out of this world! Terrible Twos my ass, this boy has a case of the Lost My Damn Mind Threes! I was trying to get him into the shower last night and he was throwin' a major fit, ya know stompin his feet, screaming, full on crazy! He kept yelling "I NO TAKE A SHOWER!" ... Well long story short, I reached down to take his shirt off and this kid grabbed my top lip with his teeth like he was a pitbull or something ...

This is our family dog Sugar, she is a pitbull terrior and she has nothing on the grip this kid had on my lip.

Take a look at that HUGE lip - who needs collagen shots, I can just have that little terrorist I call my 3 year old bite my lip!

Craziness I tell ya! Everyone asks the same question - What did you do? Well I just sat there holding my lip, in shock, I thought for sure he ripped a piece of my lip off. The husband "corrected" him because I was so angry I had to just walk away.

So anyways, that was the not so fun highlight of my weekend!  I hope your weekend was better than mine!!!

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  1. Well aren't you sweet! Thanks for the shoutout! Hope that lip's feeling better by now.

  2. I'm gonna check those blogs out!
    Ouch at your lip! but, happy birthday to the little guy!

  3. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG your poor lip! ....I cringe at the thought of Diddy getting any older than where she is at right now!

  4. Happy birthday to your three year old:).
    New to your blog, and going to check Tara's blog.
    Sorry about your lip!