Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Round UP!

This one's for you Tara =)
Friday we got wild and crazy and went to the grocery store. I stocked up on all the goods to start my cleanse - I am thinking maybe Wednesday as a start date. Waiting for something else to start. Either way I am ready to go.
Tonight I am going to attempt to make these:
Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers - I am sure you have seen them floating around on Pinterest. If they turn out good I will post pics and a recipe tomorrow - they sure do look good!
So this weekend the Hubs and I went here
The Fabulous Fox
To see this
I was not impressed. I'm not down with the religion bashing and definitely not cool with the F U God stuff that was going on in this production. Just wasn't my cup of tea and I am honestly shocked at the amount of people who paid to go see this. Kinda makes you sad to be apart of such a messed up world. My husband's godparents gave us the tickets for free. I honestly had no idea what is was going into it - I have heard that is was really fun, kind of raunchy but what I saw was definitely not what I expected.
So after that craziness I decided to get rid of some of the ole' grays and dyed my hair.
I chose this color:

Freaked out a little because it started to look a little red - for some reason when I saw Mahogony I wasn't thinking red - I thought it was just going to come out a shiny black.
Thankfully it didn't turn out very red at all.  You can see a few reddish highlights in this pic.
But overall it just looks really dark brown.
Sunday I did laundry and we had the Hub's aunt over - watched my crazy boys wrestle around and just had a quiet weekend.

Overall it was a great weekend - sometimes you just need to relax! Hope you all had a good one as well =)

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  1. Those philly peppers look awesome! Let us know how they turn out. I am thinking about doing the cleanse too. I need to read up on it. I am not familiar with the diet you do while you are on it. Your hair turned out good!