Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's In A Name Link Up

Amanda over at My Very Own Modern Family is hosting a link up today talking about why you chose the names you picked for your children. So here goes.
Layton Reed - First I have to say, my husband and are are COMPLETE opposites and we never agree on anything, one of us always has to compromise. So I wanted to name him Nathan and call him Nate. The husband hated this name. So one night I get a call at  2:00 am (he was working over nights then) saying he had the perfect name! Lincoln and we call him Link! (he had just got done watching an episode of Prison Break) ... I just couldn't get into it. So one night my husband and his buddies went out drinking and he told him the names we wanted and how we couldn't agree ... So his one drunk buddy says why don't you put the two names together - first he said Lathon but that just didn't sound right so then he said Layton. When the husband first told me I was like ehhhhhh I dunno, but it grew on me and we made it final that, that would be his name. Reed is just a name we both liked that sounded good with Layton.  Now we get really pissed off when we hear another kid named Layton because we feel like we totally made it up ourselves. Ha!
Evan Sawyer - Ok when I was pregnant with Evan we were not going to find out the sex of the baby and agreed that the baby would be named Sawyer whether it was a boy or a girl. I LOVE the name Sawyer. Well then I had to get several ultrasounds with him and eventually I saw his junk on the screen and totally knew it was a boy. So long story short, we found out we were having another boy. Then all of a sudden the husband wasn't cool with the name Sawyer - he agreed to make it a middle name but not a first. So we went back and forth with different names, we was almost named Efram. I think the husband was the first to mention Evan and it sounded so good with Sawyer that I agreed.
So both of my boys fit their names perfectly and now I couldn't imagine them named anything else. Fun Fact: I was named after the show Bewitched. My mom wanted to name me Sarah and my dad had a huge crush on Samantha on the show Bewitched and was all like Oh hell no, my daughter will be named Samantha! ha ha .. The husband is boring and he is a Junior, so no creativity in that name =)
So there is what's in my family's names =)

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  1. OMG I love bewitched... too cute - love the name Layton - never heard of it.

  2. I feel like you invented layton too. Awesome name! copyright that shiz! ha!

  3. Both of them are great names! I actually went to college with a guy named Leyton and have always thought it was a cool and interesting name. Evan Sawyer sounds like a hip country singer, if that makes any sense at all. Both of your little guys are cutie patooties, though. Thanks so much for linking up with me today!