Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advocare 10 Day Challenge Results

I have my results of the 10 day challenge but first I want to say that I highly recommend this cleanse. I was a little skeptical at first because some people made it seem very hard but that couldn't be more from the truth. If you eat the right foods you will never go hungry and you feel great. I will admit the first two days I didn't feel so great - I had headaches pretty bad and on day 2 my stomach was very upset and I spent most of the day in the bathroom. However, after those 2 days everything got so much easier and I started feeling GREAT!! I still do. I never thought I, someone who was straight up ADDICTED to diet coke and sugar, could stop drinking/eating those things but I did it!

I didn't take my measurements but I did weigh myself.

Starting Weight:

Day 11 Weight:
So a total of 7.6 lbs in 10 days. I will take that!
I will not be going on to do the 24 day challenge with more supplements but I am going to stick to eating "clean". I have never restricted my self in this way before and the way I feel now there is no way I can go back to eating the way I was. I was completely out of control and now I actually feel in control. In just 10 short days I am finally seeing food for what it is - Fuel!

If you are feeling out of control or like you can't get a grip on your eating - I 100% recommend you try this cleanse. The worst part was that nasty ass fiber drink but that is just a minor detail.

Give it a try! You won't be disappointed! 

Have a GREAT day!!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!! You did awesome.. I didn't do the 24 day thing either - but hey it did help me to make better choices.

  2. Awesome results!!!


  3. WooHoo! That is sooo awesome! Way to go! The more I hear about his cleanse the more I want to do it.

  4. Wow that is awesome! I'll be honest... the only reason I did the cleanse in the first place (other than because every blog women out there was too) was because I heard someone say they lost 8 lbs! I'm thinking I want to lose 8 lbs in 10 days! You did it!

  5. Nice Work!! I mind just went blank. Blame it on the prego hormones but again Congrats on all the hard work!