Thursday, March 7, 2013

Advocare Day 3

First off today is the morning of Day 4 and I feel like this!
So much better than day 2! My headaches were gone and the bathroom was a lot more UNeventful!
Things I have noticed since starting the cleanse:
My hunger is pretty much non-existant, I am eating on a schedule.

My skin is so clear and soft.

I have ALMOST as much energy as my kids!!
I've lost 5 FRIGGIN POUNDS! Holla!!
Bahahaha - this is so perfect for the Cleanse!

Ok, so that's what I've got going on so far... Now I want to ask a question. What are your plans after the cleanse? ... I see so many people saying I can't wait until day 11 when I can have - cheese, soda, coffee ... ect.  So my question is what is the point of the cleanse if you are just going to go back to what you just "cleaned out"?  My plan is to try to stay as clean as possible - I plan on adding things back in like yogurt and whole wheat breads and stuff but for the most part I want to try to keep it clean!
Also, if you have already done the cleanse - did you just go back to eating junk? Did you go back to feeling crappy? Did you gain all the weight back you lost?
Just curious what everyone's plans are for after.


  1. WTG girl - yes i ate - I have gained some back but my stomach has shrunk - I get full WAY faster.

  2. My plan is to go back to how I was eating before I started this crazy snacking phase I picked over the few weeks leading up to the cleanse. I don't plan on eating donuts and ice cream on a regular basis (LOL) but I am 100% going to bring back dairy and popcorn and the occasional simple carb. I have no trouble eating those things in moderation.

    I did the cleanse hoping to break my recent addiction to things like sweets and chips. I haven't craved things like that in a long time but somehow I slipped back into old habits and I fell hard. I needed to nip that in the bud, quick! I think this cleanse is helping with that.

  3. I'm so glad you asked that questions, I've been wondering that myself (even tho I'm not doing the cleanse). Congrats on the 5#!!!

  4. LOL i am dying at the shit sweats soooo true!!! LOL!!!

  5. Bahhahaha the shit sweats! So glad to hear you're feelin' good! Keep it up!