Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Face Lift & Fun News!!

So thanks to Hubby Jack's Tutorials and some googling, I've given my blog a little face lift =) ... I really like it, I still may mess around with it a little more but I like how simple it is and how it is coming together and I did it all myself! Holla, computer nerd in the making ovah here! =)

So to the fun news ... You know my "freak of nature" cousin I told ya'll about in my last post. Well she is getting married/vow renewal. Whatever you want to call it. They got married at the courthouse about a year ago for reasons I won't get into on here ... but she has always wanted a big family wedding and her husband gave her the ok to start planning it - so they are setting it for May of next year. Well she had already told me I would be in the wedding but I was shocked when she asked me to be Maid of Honor!! I got a little teary eyed =) ... We are cousins but she is like my little sister, we are really close. I don't have a biological sister so she is the closest thing I have to one.

This is the happy couple =)

Yeah so this has definitely given me a little more incentive to really get serious about FINALLY losing the weight I want to lose. I do not want to stand up next to this gorgeous girl looking like Momma June! ... So it's game on. She is going to let the girls in the wedding pick out whatever dress they want to wear but they have to be the same color and right now she is saying she wants Blush and the guys will be wearing light gray suits.

So anyways, I'm friggin excited and can't wait to get all dolled up and celebrate with my sista from another mista! She deserves this so much!!

And finally someone posted this on Facebook today and it kind of stuck with me. So here goes.

This is my race and I will "win" it however works best for me. Need to stop searching out "answers" from other people's success and find my OWN success!! What works for one doesn't always work for another.  ~ My words of wisdom for the day!!

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Great new look! I like it! Run your race, girl! :)

  2. I want to sit down and go through his tutorials to try and make some changes on my page.
    I was all set up for Hubby Jack to redesign men this month but then hit a financial roadblock and had to cancel, so looks like I'll be doing it myself!!
    Tell me the truth...was it hard/easy/take a long time?!?

    Congrats on the MOH title!! That's awesome!