Monday, March 11, 2013

Freakin' Weekend - Advocare Days 6 & 7

This picture pretty much sums it up!!

I had a pretty low key weekend. Friday it was just the boys and me. Went grocery shopping and then just hung out.  I was entertained by Jenn  and Kim  on Keek! If you don't have Keek it is worth it to download just see what these crazy girls post!
Saturday I woke up feeling freakin' fantastic. I think the cleanse has a lot to do with this.
Made myself a delicious "clean" breakfast. I can't express how much better I feel eating this way then when I used to have biscuits and gravy or pancakes or friggin' doughnuts for breakfast. You really are what you eat - like for real!
It was BEAUTIFUL outside!! Finally!
Took the boys bowling with my mom and broseff - NSV - I had a groupon and along with that came a free pizza and pitcher of soda. Then my momma bought the boys nachos w/cheese and french fries. This cleansing momma didn't touch any of it!! Even though I really wanted to, it looked really good I ain't gonna lie! But I didn't touch it =) It felt good to have some self control and be able to say no!
Sunday the beautiful weather went bye bye and it was a craptastic rainy day here in the STL. I did absolutely nothing but make a huge pot of Clean Eating Chicken Stew.
Good stuff!!
So I am on day 8 of the cleanse and feeling amazingly well. I think I finally see the impact "shitty" food has on my body and I am ready to get rid of it for good. That's not to say I will never eat something processed again or have an occasional treat, but things are going to change drastically in my eating and I think it is really going to impact finally losing the weight I need to lose!
Hope your Monday is going well. Only 4 more days till Friday!! =) 




  1. *high five* Way to go on not indulging on the weekend smorgasbord. Although, we know it is okay to have good food everyonce in a while, being able to say no in the face of cheesy goodness is always a victorious feeling!

  2. WAY TO GO GIRL!! You are rocking this cleanse!! :)