Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What Wednesday ...

So What Wednesday
Linking up with Shannon @ Life After I "Dew" for So What Wednesdays ...
First attempt at this so here goes:
So What If:
1. Today is my Friday and I am EXTREMELY happy about this.
2. My husband has been out of town all week and I've enjoyed doing whatever the hell I want.
3. My kids ate mac and cheese for dinner twice in 3 days, because I'm too lazy to cook a huge meal that only I will eat. At least it wasn't the nasty stuff out of the box ... whatever makes me feel better, right?
4. My boss just left for the day and I am not doing another damn thing but counting down the minutes until 4:00.
5. I spent $30 on makeup yesterday and felt bad - I always feel bad spending money on myself, why is that?!?!
6. My blog name is momma on a mission to get healthy but the only think I've been on a mission for lately is seeing how many powdered donuts and samoas I can stuff in my mouth at once.
7. I am totally over this winter weather shit - Spring show yourself already damnit!
8. I sleep with all the lights on in my house except for mine and my kid's rooms when the Husband is out of town.
9. If I think there is some kind of ghost or spirit in my house hence the reason for #8.
10. I want to get rid of my cat because I hate cleaning the damn litter box and she rarely comes out anyways, at this point we are just feeding her and cleaning her shitty litter box. I am so not a cat person ... never again!
This was fun ... maybe I will keep doing it ... we'll see. Happy Friday, errr I mean Wednesday =)


  1. I so agree with you on the damn litter box!! And your feelings on cats!! Loved your list...

  2. Ha! KP and I are on our own tonight for dinner and guess what we just ate? Mac & cheese! Love!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. 2,3 and 8 are me this week, too! Sucks big time! Not only am I w/ the boys 24/7 (basically) but now I have to go it alone at night, too! Suckity suck sucks! I NEED that other adult here to decompress at nights! Luckily he's back tomorrow! I'm ready!

  4. So jealous you are starting your weekend! One more day for me. My powdered donuts are in jelly bean form!