Thursday, May 2, 2013

Remember The Time ... Link Up!

Linking up with the always funny Kimmmmmmmyyyyyy  and Kira ...

Remember the time I went on a job interview and the lady doing the interview spilled her ICE COLD water all over my lap?? Yeah, that was last week ... and I STILL didn't get the job - wtf?!?!
Remember the time I was ridiciulously lazy and just threw away a spoon because I had ran it through the dishwasher TWICE and it STILL had peanut butter on it... yeah, ridiculous, whatevs
Remember the time we were walking through Home Depot having a "family moment", both boys sitting in a cart actually getting along for once, I look at my youngest and say you are so freakin' cute it is disgusting! to which he calmly responds - I just farted! ... LOL, Boys!
Remember the time I wore two different socks because I couldn't find a matching pair - well that's today. It's kind of fun, I may make this a traditiona from now on - no more matching socks!
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday Eve - We have a baseball game tonight but I think we might get rained out. Hopefully so, I have some laundry and dishes to do =) ha!


  1. I bought some fun, bright neon socks for my niece's bday and none of the 6 in the set match!!! You're trendy!!!!!! :)

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  3. haha. I love it! Life really is too short to match socks.
    I once threw away a fork because while throwing away the paper plate I had been using, the folk fell in the trash as well. I didn't have it in me to go dumpster diving.
    And that interviewing heifer didn't give you the job even after spilling ice cold water on you?!?! Heartless wench

  4. That's awesome. My husband used to buy new dishes so he didn't have to wash them...
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  5. I would've thrown it away too and I never wear matching socks :-) thanks for linking up!