Monday, June 10, 2013

Graffiti Run = So Much Fun

Yesterday I did my first "run" ever - even though there wasn't much running involved =) I went with my 6 year old, my little brother and my cousin and her 7 year old daughter. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Perfect day and a great environment. It would have been a great course to run because it was all flat and all pavement, but the people I was with didn't want to run and I didn't want to try to find them if I had ran.

My son wanted to run the whole thing and I think he really might have if I would of let him. The boy LOVES to run! I think I might start taking him out on weekend mornings and going for a "run" and seeing how he does. I would love if he got into running and that was something we could do together.

Anyways - here are some a lot of pictures from the race.

Waiting in line to park.

Ready to do this!

Before - white shirts =)  This is my "little" brother

My son before the race =)

My cousin and her daughter before the race.

The result of standing in a color explosion!!

The color explosion I was talking about in the above pic.

What it looked like when you were standing in the explosion. Close your eyes and your mouth!! ha ha ha

So much fun! Doing it again next year for sure.

On our way home - had a great time!

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  1. How fun! That was cool to get some of your family involved. Cole wouldn't run if you paid him. What a great mother-son activity to do if your son got into running.