Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap ...

I swear the weekends get shorter and shorter!! Not cool man, not cool. So Friday I ended up at my neighbors, watching the kids swim and downing margaritas - the 3rd one about knocked me on my butt, my 3 year old took a pic of me, ha ha ha - sad part is I found this the next day but do not remember him taking it! Thank God my husband was there and NOT drinking margaritas =)

 Thankfully I didn't wake up hung over because I made an appointment to get my hair did at 9:30 Saturday morning (this was prior to the downing of said margaritas).

Amber @ Crafty Healthy Mommy just got her hair cut a few weeks ago and I loved it so she was nice enough to send me some pics of her new do and I used that to show my stylist what I wanted.

This is before:
And this is after - didn't wan her to take much off the bottom, I'm trying to grow it out so she just added in some layers and a little bit of  side bang. I think Amber's still looks better, but I like it. It as a little bit more "personality" to it =) ha!

Then the husband and I went shopping and out to dinner for his Father's Day "gift" - he bought clothes and cologne - kind of boring but that is what he wanted.

Yesterday I woke up and made the husband a big breakfast and then went and visited my dad.

I'm blessed with a great dad and I was lucky enough to find a guy who is teaching my boys to be respectful, kind and loving men - he is such a good daddy!


  1. Oooo I like the new do! It looks super healthy. I enjoyed my fair share of adult bevies this weekend too!

  2. You look GORGEOUS!!! Love your hair!! And...It is summer time, we all need lots of adult drinks, in our lives!! :)

  3. cute do!