Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Alive!!! - If I Won the Lotto ...

Wow - long time, no blog! I've been busy enjoying summer and work has been really busy so that = no time to blog. We went on an awesome camping trip over the 4th of July weekend - I will recap that tomorrow because I don't have the pictures with me here at work. So today I am going to link up with Holly & Kristie for their Lotto Winning Daydreaming Link Up.


So, if I won the lottery I would:

1. Quit my job and stalk Channing Tatum and make him Channing all over my Tatum! =p

2. Buy a ranch and hire hot young guys that looked like Channing Tatum as "ranch hands" to take care of that ish, cuz ain't nobody got time fo dat!

3. Buy a resort at Disney World so my family could go whenever we wanted - Have you been? If not, go! You won't regret it.

4. Pay Kurt Sutter to cast me in a role as Jax Teller's mistress, so I could make out with Charlie Hunnam all day, and it would be ok because it would be for a "role" ...  Don't know who Charlie Hunnam is?? - Here ya go, you're welcome.

5. Hire a personal trainer and personal chef so I could make this weight loss crap easy, like the celebrities do ... bitches!

6. Travel, travel, travel ... I would sell my house, buy my own jet and just rent hotel rooms because I would always be traveling. I want to see the world =)

7. I would be one of those "mystery people" that goes out and walks the streets and just drops - dolla, dolla bills in people's bags when they aren't looking, or pull up to one of the people asking for money on the highway exits and be like - Here ya go man, sorry all I have is $5,000 on me, hope this helps!  I would LOVE to be able to help those who are REALLY in need.

8. Mostly, I would just have fun!! I would give back and help who I could but I would have the time of my life! ...

Now back to my job that I hate so I can pay bills and dream about where I'd like to go ...


  1. I told Mel that I would take all my gal pals on a beach resort getaway where I'd pay Matthew McConaughey to give us daily massages.ahhhh
    I also like your idea of walking the street and makin' it rain on unsuspecting folks in need. ;)

  2. Here from the link up! I want Charlie Hunnam to Channing all over my Tatum too! I'm headed over to Google to find out where he's been hiding all my life!

  3. Perfect list! I would love to be a mystery giver too! :)