Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not Waiting Until Monday ...

You can not tell me that reading blogs isn't motivational and inspirational. I can relate to so many of the blogs that I read. I read a lot of weight loss related blogs because I have been "trying" to lose weight - FOREVER!

I am was at a very low place, just practically throwing in the towel and just staying as I am. The past few months I have watched the scale slowly inch it's way up to the highest number I have ever seen, not pregnant. Last week I saw the number 205.4 - I felt defeated, disgusted and too far gone. I was contemplating deleting my blog because I just had nothing good to say and no one wants to read a Debbie Downer post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Then today I read Becky's post today and I could have almost written the exact same post about myself. We are pretty much at the same place in how we are feeling right now. I come home from work and I am exhausted, I don't want to do a thing but I have 2 little ones that need their momma. Lately the couch has become my friend a little too much. We have both started a weight loss journey a million times and never followed through - but today is a new day!

Then I read Nerky Meg's post about making excuses - I have said more than one, if not all of her "excuses" time and time again. I love how she just lays it all out there and doesn't sugar coat it - if you want it bad enough you will make it happen.

So here I am starting over once again. I am not going to wait until Monday, I am going to start tomorrow. Weigh in starts tomorrow - not waiting for the next "weigh in Wednesday" ... I'm ready!

We went to Grant's Farm over the weekend and I contemplated deleting the pictures that I was in. Then I thought I don't want my kids to think I was never around when they were little because being with them is my favorite place to be.

The husband took these pics and I HATE them!! I look horrible!

I can't count how many times I have started this journey over but what other option do I have - I refuse to be unhealthy and unhappy any longer. And that's that - no more excuses, no more pitty parties ... just time to do some work.


  1. Go get it, girl!!!! You can do this!!! I am cheering you on!!! Don't let that number get you down, let it motivate you!!! The easiest family friend exercise you can do is just to go on walks as a family! Challenge yourself and them, don't just go for 30 minutes, make it 45, then 60!! You can do this!!!

  2. You can do it, girlie!!!! You are such a strong woman that will get this done! This post makes me love you more, because you are so real. I have "fallen" so many times. SO many, I have lost track! But you just get back up and dust yourself off. :)

    BTW-I think you look BEAUTIFUL in the pictures!!