Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Da Lake!!

Mini vacations are a blessing and a curse - they are definitely appreciated but they go by so stinkin' fast!!! I had so much fun on our 3 night stay at the lake - we rented a one bedroom condo and it was perfect for us. The view from the patio was spectacular and we were just steps from the pool and the dock.

I will let the pictures show you how our time was spent.

Lots of hangin' on the patio was done.

Someone was excited to spend his "tooth fairy money" =)

The only pic I am in - to prove I was, in fact, really there - ha!

This lil' guy has turned into quite the little "fish" - he literally jumped right in!!!

Could they get any cuter?!?! Love them to pieces!

Two fish in a pond (ha ha, get it, ok don't laugh, it was corny)

Dad is just a big kid! He had just as much fun as the kiddos!

Check out the view of the lake while sitting at the pool.

Lovin' the pool!

This was my view most of the weekend - I love to fish!! So relaxing =)

Dad caught the biggest fish - but mom caught the most!! =)

So as you can see, we had a GREAT weekend and we will definitely be going back to this condo.  Hope your weekend was great too!!


  1. Aww fun times. Precious memories with the fam!

  2. DA Bears! :) ha ha, couldn't resist!

    Looks awesome!!!