Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish The Sentence ... It's back!!

Hey Finish The Sentence Link-Up - long time, no see buddy!! Glad you're back =)

Linking up with the Hilarious Holly & Jake for another installment of:


Warning: I am going to be totally stupid with these answers, I don't have the energy to be serious =)

My happy place... Magic Mike on the tv screen, sweat pants on my legs, oreo cookies in one hand and a nice, cold glass of milk in the other and no husband or children to be found!

Whatever happened to...Sally Jesse Raphael and those sweet red glasses??
Yep, still looks like a man, with sweet red glasses!
So what if I....have no fashion sense and could give two shits what is "in" at the moment.

E! needs a reality show about... someone interesting, they haven't done that before!!


My go-to fast food meal is...a fat Doner Kebob from the Gyro Company - don't know what a Doner Kebab is, then you haven't lived.


You might not know that I... spend about 80% of my day pinning and printing recipes that I NEVER end up cooking ... waste. of. time.


The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... unless Channing Tatum is now a quarterback then I could give a rat's butt =)

If I could....

My personality is awesome because...I am a people pleaser, it's a curse, I can't stop and I won't stop ...

Twerking old news - Whistle While You Twurk?? anyone??

I think it's super gross when...people pick any part of their body and then put said picking in their mouth, I will literally throw up on their feet!
Yep, I just threw up in my mouth!

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus....squats do a booty good!



  1. HAHA! I love it. I work in a hospital so I am totally stealing your line about "I've seen wounds dressed better than you."
    Bring those Oreos and the frosty mugs of milke over to my house when we watch movies!
    And where the HECK is Ol' Sally!?

  2. Had a Gyro once and hated it. Probably b/c it was a carnival food stand and wasn't done right.

    SJR - forgot about her!

  3. "I've seen wounds dressed better than you." LOL Oh geez, I really laughed out loud on that one!!

  4. Oreos and milk! Yum! I have a special weakness for the Golden Oreos at the moment. I don't even feel the need to dunk them. I just drink the milk after I eat them!

  5. I love your blog